best friend photoshoot ideas

Best friend photoshoot ideas for Valentine’s Day

Doing a photoshoot with your best friend is guaranteed to create some beautiful and magical pictures, so we want to help you make the best out of it with this best friend photoshoot idea.

It’s Valentine’s day, and you want to commemorate that special person in your life called best friend.

We think a fantastic and original idea is to go beyond chocolates and cards and surprise your best friend with a photoshoot that documents how special you two are together.

It will be the perfect way to create a long-lasting memory, to share some fantastic quality pics on your social media, and even to make a printed memory like a metal print, canvas or an album that you can both cherish forever.

Ready for it?

Photoshoot ideas for you and your best friend.

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Having a photoshoot with your best friend is guaranteed to create some beautiful and magical pictures.

We can start by documenting your favorite places to hang out, like a favorite café or a secret spot that only you two share.

I would advise that you wear casual clothes that are yet nice, mainly that illustrate how your daily life is at that moment. And you can remember it when you look back.

We can then move into a more fashionable scene right on time for the golden hour light to catch some candid and posed moments that represent your bond and bring out the best of your personality.

As your BFF will be there, you can feel at ease with the pictures and be creative.

Jumping, dancing, doing spins, and riding piggyback are all allowed.

Another idea is to bring a prop that helps tell your story, like a car if you are a traveler or adventurer, your books and notebooks if you are more of a romantic, or even your sports gear if you are an active person.

We can go from something simple as blowing bubbles to some action shots while skating or catching you high in the air while jumping together.

Snow is also a perfect element that can help you achieve some playful and fun pictures. 

We can capture some snow-throwing games and a hot drink warm-up afterward for a more styled look.

Another idea is to do the session indoors and recreate some pajama party fun and classic friendship photos like on the bed with the feet to the wall or a pillow fight.

Dressing up ideas

best friend photoshoot ideas

You can also go another direction and consider this best friend photoshoot idea about doing a dress-up to go with a favorite theme you both have in common.

What is your favorite movie, band, decade, or novel?

You can recreate some scenes and dress up as your favorite characters to create one-of-a-kind pictures to show your bond.

The one picture that should not be missing is putting the hands together for making a heart.

Even though it is a classic picture, it is always lovely to add detail to your printed album.

Another idea is to make the photoshoot in the hours leading to the sunset and evening to play with some light elements like sparklers for a festive and playful look.

If you love the outdoors, we can go to a particular place you hike to or spend time in nature and catch some pictures that include a wonderful backdrop.

After the session, you can go with your friend to grab a bite and have more fun.

Wouldn’t you agree that this would be an original gift for your BFF?

The best part is that you don’t need to do it only on Valentine’s day. After all, your friendship is there all the time.

You can even bring your best friend or include her in your senior photoshoot, just like Claire and Olivia did.

Here you can see a selection of their senior photoshoot.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about best friend photoshoot ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day or any other day when you want to have a special moment and create a wonderful gift for your friend.

Let’s capture the magic inside you.


Julieta Belmont