Photography to feel, connect, and live again

Fine art printed memories for your home

Now servicing Pinedale, Lander,  Rock Springs, and Jackson, Wyoming

Memories matter

Your life is the sum of many precious moments. 

Unfortunately, remembering all of them is impossible. 

A lot of fantastic memories get lost as we grow older, even if they mean a lot at the time.

I like to believe that is why photography exists.

Because it is a gift that allows us to relive our memories and connect with our emotions again. 

Let me ask you something: When was the last time that you printed a photo?

… Exactly.

The most important memories of our lives are getting lost in the digital world.

We capture all these moments and store them in the cloud, never to be seen again.

I believe that those key moments, those special places and people, deserve a place in your home.

They can remind you of who you are and bring you joy in the times when you need it the most.

Photography is an art form that allows you to feel, savor, and come back to the exact feeling you had the first time around.

Why not make room for it in your life?

You and your family are the leading characters in this wonderful and unrepeatable adventure of living. 

Surely you feel grateful and blessed for what you have.

And I want to help you celebrate it through stunning pieces of art that make you feel and live again.

More than just photography, an heirloom to last a lifetime.

This is what we can create together

Senior Experience

Unique, accomplished, and amazing.

Let’s commemorate the person your senior has become with outstanding photos that capture their essence.

Family Portraits

Spontaneous, fun, and magical.

Let’s get outside and share an unforgettable experience that becomes a part of your family history.

Wedding Photography

I know all the effort you are putting into planning your wedding.

Let’s capture everything that is important to you, and fill your heart with joy for the rest of your life.

Julieta was a wonderful photographer!

She was professional and prompt, this also showed through her quality photos.

- Stephannie

Julieta has wonderful energy for inspiring fun and unique experience during the photoshoot. She is very talented at directing people in order to find the best possible shot.

Her talents extend to her editing abilities as well, our engagement photos came out to be magical.

The colors, the lighting, and the angles were all done extremely well. Very highly recommended!

- Brad

This photographer does an amazing job. I never once felt uncomfortable or like the pictures weren’t going to be amazing.

I would highly recommend her to anyone!!

- Lydia Seemann

Behind the lens

My name is Julieta Belmont. I am an artist and a family historian. 

I want to give you the gift of making your most important memories and emotions a visible part of your life.

When my family and I arrived at Pinedale, WY,  we fell in love with the place and its people. 

I discovered how fabulous you all are and was drawn to the feeling of pride you express for your home. 

Since then, I am happily using the talent that God gave me as a photographer to capture that pride and magic inside you.

In the end, you receive a printed artwork that can be felt, savored, and placed in your home to commemorate your history.

This has been my calling for more than 10 years, and I still pour my heart into every session.


A selection of my favorite images from a variety of events in Pinedale, Rock Springs, and Jackson Hole Wyoming.

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