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How much do senior pics cost?

Interested in knowing how much senior pics cost?

Before we get into pricing, I would first like to show you a video with examples of the different types of prints that you can get. 

Why? Because it is important to see senior pictures as a finished product.

We work with each senior and their family as individuals, so if you have any questions about the prints you see, feel free to contact us.

Ready? Let ‘s get into it.

How your senior photos can look like

Here are some printed samples to give you an idea

Now that you know what senior photos can look like, let’s start by saying that there is no standard price for a photo session for seniors.

It all depends on the quality of the work, the product that the photographer offers and their experience.

Naturally, the more experienced the photographer, the more you can expect higher prices but also outstanding quality.

It also depends on the area where the photographer is located and the scope of the photoshoot.

And if you really like the work of a certain photographer and definiteley want to work with them, you might need to consider fees for getting the photographer to your location.

How much do senior pics cost in Pinedale?

To give you a better idea, let’s talk about the costs for senior pics in the Pinedale, Big Piney and Sublette County area.

Although there is not a standard fee that applies to everyone, you can expect professional photographers to have a working model that is made up of:

Creative fee: This is the basic fee that amounts for the time of the photographer actually creating the pictures.

It is the time that goes into the planning, shooting and directing the photoshoot.

The prices for this fee can be anywhere around $300 to $500 depending on the photographer.

The remainder of the price will depend on what type of prints you want to receive.

Is it worth it to invest in senior pics?

In my experience as a professional senior phptpgrapher, the answer is yes.

Not because I love making the pictures, but because every time a family hires me, they are more than excited and satisfied with the result.

Although it is a personal decision, the only thing I can tell you is that people who hire a professional senior photographer for their shoot, don’t normally end up regretting it.

I know that price is a topic that matters to parents, but investing in art to preserve a very important moment in life, is the most rewarding feeling for a family.

Here is why:

  • You will receive a tangible work of art that will commemorate one of the most important moments in the life of a family member.
  • Seniors that do photoshoots get to build their confidence and express themselves.
  • Seniors that do photoshoots can feel appreciated, seen and heard as they are which is very important to every person.
  • It can help strengthen the family bond and feeling of support
  • The experience is amazing for everyone involved

If you are not sure whether senior photos are for you, feel free to send me a message to talk about your vision.

Let’s capture the magic inside you.


Julieta Belmont