metal prints of senior session

How to clean your metal prints

Metal prints are one of the favorite printed formats of my clients (and mine too) because the colors in the pictures really stand out.

They are also quite resistant, light and easy to maintain.

So let’s dive into this tutorial to help you clean your metal prints and keep them looking beautiful.

Materials you need to clean metal prints

The materials you need are:

  • A soft paper towel or soft cloth
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle

Since metal prints are really low maintenance you don’t need much to clean them.

The water and vinegar will be useful in case the print is really dirty due to some substance or fat from fingers touching it constantly.

How to clean metal prints from fingerprints

So, the first thing I show you is how to get rid of fingerprints on your metal prints.

In this process you only need the soft cloth.

It can be a special cloth like the special ones used for windows or cars, or a very soft paper or bamboo towel.

Try to choose one softer than kitchen towels, but those can also work.

All you need to do is to fold the soft cloth or towel and very gently scrub off the fingerprints with circular and linear movements.

You will notice them disappearing as you scrub.

If your metal print is really dirty, then you will need a spray bottle with a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

It is important that you use a spray bottle as opposed to pouring the vinegar directly over the cloth.

With the spray bottle the solution will be evenly mixed and the process will be more effective.

Spray the metal print evenly and clean with a soft cloth.

Then use a dry cloth to finish.

Here you have a video that shows you this process in detail:

If you don’t have these metal prints yet, don’t worry.

You can see them in person when we meet to talk about your senior experience package.

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