girl sitting on the praire with the mountains as backdrop by Julieta Belmont moose heart photography

How to look good in pictures without posing

Don’t think, just answer.

How do you feel when someone tells you they will take a picture of you?

Are you worried about looking good but feel overwhelmed when thinking about posing?

And feel comfortable with being photographed without posing.

In this article, I will help ease your mind with my tips based on more than ten years of experience as a professional photographer, so you know how to look good in pictures without worrying about posing

How to look good in pictures

Looking good in pictures might seem like a hard thing to do.

Some people feel intimidated by a camera, and others are not happy with certain areas of their body or features, but as a professional photographer, I can tell you that our mission is to find the best features and qualities in you, and combine them with good energy and create pictures where you look good.

And it is not as hard as it may sound.

There are certain guidelines that an experienced photographer will que you on to make you look your best.

And it is not about posing, but about learning how to use your body and how to communicate with it.

Is it possible to look good without posing?

Mother and daughter sitting with theit backs to eacho other lauging on the top of a mountain at sunset by Julieta Belmont Moose Heart Photography

A lot of people tell me that they don’t know how to pose and that is perfectly ok.

Posing can actually sometimes lead to not-so-great pictures because it is obvious that the person is not comfortable.

For me, the key is to find a “flow” with the person I am photographing.

Once we get into the flow, the images practically create themselves and the best outcome is when creativity, ease, and authenticity converge.

But how to get into the flow and feel good about being photographed?

5 tips that will make you look good in pictures without posing

mother and son sitting together looking at the camera with the backdrop of the mountains by Julieta Belmont Moose Heart Photography

The first thing I can say is that the first photos can be a bit awkward but you must get over those sensations and simply focus on being yourself.

The more you are yourself, the better we can get into the flow and the better you will look in all pictures without even posing.

Here are my tips:

  • Interact with your photographer (it’s not just about doing what they say, but about finding what feels good for you together).
  • Look into the camera, but not all the time 
  • Move normally, smile normally, laugh normally (no need to exaggerate any features)
  • Make your own suggestions but listen to the expert (work together)
  • Have authentic fun (enjoy the time for yourself)

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