Meet Jaylee and the wonderful Wyoming Ranch culture

Her name is Jaylee.

Her family opened their ranch to me when we arrived in Pinedale, Wyoming, and allowed me to follow them with a personal project.

With this project, I introduced myself to Wyoming as a photographer.

I did an exhibition at the public library in August 2020 and the project was actually published in a cultural magazine in Cancun, Mexico.

Jaylee is thoughtful.

She’s proud to be a Bousman.

She’s a rancher.

We did her session on her ranch and it was great because we had many different locations, lighting and props that gave the photos richness.

It was as if we had gone to multiple locations because we were able to do many different photos and she could also wear different outfits.

It was a huge honor for me to be able to capture her as a senior.

I LOVE  her family.