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Moose Heart Photography Senior Experience: Kelila

We want to give seniors more than a photo shoot.

The senior experience is our way to dive into a creative adventure where we create powerful images hand in hand with our high school seniors.

On this photoshoot, I had the opportunity to work with a very talented a beautiful senior.

Kelila is a climber, an avid reader, and a winter sports practitioner.

I wanted to be a photographer because I wanted to experience the world through my camera.

With Kelila, I accomplished a dream.

Seeing her in action climbing those rocks gave me goosebumps.

Her attitude about it was so powerful, confident, fun and inspiring.

She is a beautiful human who hopefully will inspire many people to pursue their goals.

A senior experience full of adrenaline

I have never seen somebody climbing like she does. She looks joyful when she climbs. 

The Boulder Lake area was the host of our senior experience photoshoot, and as usual, it was a great place that offered a variety of landscapes and rocks to climb.

It was exhilarating to see her adrenaline and love for climbing. I could feel it too!

moose heart photography senior experience

She climbed several times for us, which was terrific, and we are so thankful for her letting us be part of what she loves.

That is the best way to get spectacular photos and tell a story.

Finally, we finished the day at Boulder Lake. The moon was smiling at us!! 

I hope that you enjoy her photos as much as we enjoy seeing her being herself!

moose heart photography senior experience

Watch the video at the end to see the final product and some behind-the-scenes footage.

moose heart photography senior experience

Kelila Senior experience the final product + behind the scenes