Moose Heart Photography Senior Rep Program

Our Senior Rep Prorgam is here!

You probably already heard it on Instagram or Facebook.

The time has come and we are now launching the Moose Heart Photography Senior Rep Program.

This is exciting news for Seniors in Pinedale, Big Piney and Sublette County.

The search for brand representatives is now officially open!

Don’t know what the benefits of being a Senior Rep are?

I will explain them all to you in the following post.

What is a senior representative?

senior rep program portrait close up moose heart photography

A Senior Rep is a High School Senior who wishes to represent Moose Heart Photography as a model during their senior year.

This means that they have the opportunity to be photographed on many different occasions during their most important year as students.

It also means meeting other seniors that are joining the program as well and having a blast while creating memories and friendships.

Oh, and did I mention it also includes getting a lot of perks and images for your social media?

It is the perfect way to give a highlight to your senior year by joining in a fresh and confidence-developing experience.

You will learn a lot about yourself in the journey, get the opportunity to express yourself through many different senior photo sessions and to inspire others to live an extraordinary life and an extraordinary last year of high school.

We are looking for authentic seniors that wish to make an impact on life and to set an example to help others to conquer new heights.

Sounds interesting?

Keep reading to learn about all the benefits you get as a Senior Rep.

Perks of being in the Senior Rep Program

Not only will you be a role model for others within your class and for generations to come, you will also get a lot of exclusive benefits that are not available in any other season.

Here’s more as to why being a senior rep can be a great idea:

  1. You get to be photographed professionally in different seasons, with different outfits and stories during your most important year in high school.
  2. Get a chance to participate in a styled shoot and get a FREE INDIVIDUAL SESSION on that day.
  3. Earning CASH REWARDS up to $500 just by sharing the love for Moose Heart Photography with recommended friends.
  4. Qualify for a FREE MINI BEST FRIEND SESSION to make some history with your best bud on your last year in high school
  5. Get an unbelievable amount of gift vouchers for your photo sessions

And more

If you are interested in more you can click here to sign up to the program.

What do you need to do as a Senior Rep?

It all sounds great, but what does a senior rep actually do?

Senior reps look fabulous in pictures and they actively share their portraits on social media and any other way they feel inspired to.

They are representing the Moose Heart Photography brand to inspire other seniors and upcoming generations with their own story.

All you need to do is be authentic, live life to the fullest and show the world how you try to make it a better place.

As for the responsibilities you will undertake as a senior rep, they would be to behave ethically and kindly with the other members of the team and overall in your last year of high school.

You will also need to attend the programmed photoshoots and are welcome to give ideas for your own sessions.

There is no selling involved in the program, however if through a heartfelt recommendation, a friend of yours becomes a client of Moose Heart Photography, you will earn a cash reward.


Then sign up now. 

You can read the FAQ’s on our website and contact us for any additional questions.

Let’s capture the magic inside you.


Julieta Belmont