senior photos ideas at the football field

Senior photos ideas and inspiration

Looking for senior photos ideas? 

I got you covered with some fun ideas and inspiration for your senior photoshoot that will get a lot of likes on social media.

Not only will they look fabulous on your instagram, they are also perfect for a printed piece of artwork to commemorate this emblematic moment with your family.

Let ‘s begin.

Senior photos ideas for having fun

Outdoors during your favorite season.

Living in Wyoming allows us for many breathtaking backdrops no matter the season of the year.

Senior photos winter sports, Wyoming senior photographer

Who said senior photos can only be done in summer?

If you love winter sports and activities or the whimsical colors of fall, don’t hesitate to integrate that into your senior photos.

You can read about Jade’s Senior Photos on the snow at Fremont Lake.

Another idea is to show your skills either at a sport or with a special activity you enjoy. 

Action senior photos are always big fun.

Some suggestions: Playing a musical instrument, fishing, driving, dancing, jumping, acting, painting or horseback riding.

Wyoming senior photographer, fishing

As for sports, you can think about a senior photo session at the jogging track, at the gym if you play volleyball, basketball or wrestle.

At the football field, the swimming pool or the jockey court.

Another idea can be to include your most beloved home activities in the mix- Normally we take senior photos outside, but including a bit of home can be a great way to capture a very important memory you will cherish for the future. Maybe bring your favorite book or something of special significance.

Include your siblings or your parents– After all, the end of high school is a very special time that marks the end of an era for them as well.

Some ideas can be to do some “behind the scenes” photos with mom, dad and siblings helping you get ready or to do a fun dress-up themed couple of shots to tell the story of your personality.

Bring a friend– Friends can be a great asset to encourage you, but they can also be in your photoshoot and you can treasure your friendship with some awesome life-long lasting prints.

Senior photos with a firend, Wyoming senior photographer

Last but not least, you can fo photos at school with a twist– Choose what your favorite spot in school is and let the magic of your personality shine.

Years later, when you look at that picture, it will be an amazing memory.

More senior photos ideas

Bring your pet to your senior photos- Often animals make a wonderful accent for a personality, relationship and are sure to bring up some authentic, candid smiles.

Blow confetti wearing your gown- This can be a great photo that combines a touch of color and celebration with the traditional gown.

Play with color– Whether you like vibrant outfits, helium balloons or painting, using colors will make your pictures stand out.

How about a group shot? You can gather up your friends and make a memorable and fun senior photo session combining gowns and dress up outfits to contrast and mark this moment in your lives.

If you are looking to feel comfortable with senior photos that tell your story, feel free to send me a message to talk about your vision.

Let’s capture the magic inside you.


Julieta Belmont