mother and doughter at sublette county centennial celebration by Moose Heart Photography

Sublette County Centennial Celebration

Sublette County turned 100 years and Moose Heart Photography was given the honor to document the occasion.

As you all know, Moose Heart Photography is located in the Pinedale, Wyoming area which is part of the most fabulous County of Sublette.

The celebration featured a barn dance at the Fairgrounds with most distinguished members of the community and a delicious supper catred by the local restaurants.

What I love the most about living in Sublette County is that you can feel the community working together.

As a family historian, I want to serve Sublette County with my photos. This event was a perfect opportunity for that.

We were asked by the Centennial Committee to take photos of all the families that attended this significant event and it meant a lot to be able to photograph the community!

We are honoured to have been an essential part of the event along with our adventures brand The Overland Diaries.

Centennial celebration highlights

group of girl friends at the Sublette County Centennial celebration. Photo by Moose Heart Photography

The community of Sublette County

It was an overall lovely evening, but what was most exciting for me is that I got to meet 6 generation families in Sublette County.

It was a day full of emotions and a huge honor to leave a record behind of this important event with all the lovely families of our County. 

It wouldn’t be a dance without music, so they invited Jared Rogerson to play music. He had an incredible repertoire.

Everybody danced and enjoyed a wonderful evening.

As the evening went by, we didn’t have a moment to stop, proud families kept coming to be photographed.

Finally, I got a chance to meet them and listen to them. I connect with them through my photos and I am an absolute fan of learning all about their stories. 

I was humbled to learn about the impact that my photos have on people’s lives.

6 generation family portrait at the Sublette County Centennial Celebration

Family portraits that become heirlooms

There is a story being told in every family portrait and that is why the personal connection and the time to get to know each other is so important to me.

Sometimes we don’t realize that everything we do today has a ripple effect and it’s nice when that comes back to your awareness.

It was lovely to meet the community, laugh with them, and leave a mark on them. 

We consider ourselves very lucky in my family.

Sublette County adopted us four years ago, we have given everything we have to this beautiful community and have received nothing but love and admiration from this fantastic community in return.

So once again, thank you Sublette County and Happy Centennial! 

Julieta and Conor from The Overland Diaries and Moose Heart Photography at Centennial Celebration
Julieta and Conor from The Overland Diaries and Moose Heart Photography at Centennial Celebration

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