best seniot photoshoot poses of 2021

Top 5 senior photoshoot poses of 2021

2021 is over and to commemorate it, I wanted to make a countdown of the most amazing senior photoshoot poses I had the opportunity to do.

There are some classic poses that always work, but the most important thing is to be yourself and be natural.

I believe that when you have a good rapport with the photographer, you can loosen up and forget about the word “posing”. 

After all, it is all about having fun, enjoying the moment, and letting your personality shine through.

Here you can find some inspiration for your upcoming senior photoshoot.

The best senior photoshoot poses of 2021

5. Standing tall and proud- This classic pose is one of my favorites because it lifts up the personality of the senior and has a sort of mysticism that allows the person to convey pride, confidence and magic.

Best senior photoshoot poses of 2021, picture from Mooseheart Photography in Pinedale, Wyoming.

4. Laughing candidly- This is a photo that mostly everyone wants to have, personally I love when those candid laughters happen and I can capture the spontaneity of the moment.

Candid laughs of a senior at a frozen lake in Wyoming photo by Mosseheart Photography.

3. Sitting on a prop and the picture taken from an angle- This picture is particularly flattering for girls, but it can also be used for boys and it is great to convey an image of closeness.

Photo of a senior in Pinedale Wyoming by Mosseheart Photography

2. Wearing your letterman jacket- This classic picture will never go out of style. It shows the pride of being part of your school.

Senior wearing letterman jacket in Pinedale Wyoming. One of the best senior photoshoot poses of 2021 by Mooseheart Photography.

1. Action shoot- Some of the most fun and original pictures come when you are enjoying yourself and forget a little about the camera.

A classic pose for senior photoshoot session standing tall and proud by Mooseheart photography

BONUS: Photos lying down taken from an upper angle are always poetic and have a flare that makes them memorable.

You want to consider trying them out and playing around with some ideas.

Being silly and a bit adventurous can give great results when it comes to creating a unique piece of art that celebrates who you are in your senior year in high school.

Which one is your favorite?

Tips for senior photoshoot poses

Some tips that I can give you to make your senior photoshoot stand out is to look at some poses that you like online and communicate what your idea is to your photographer.

Another important thing is to choose your outfits according to the location, the message you want to convey and of course your own delight.

You can read more about how to dress for your senior session in a different article on the blog.

The most important thing to make your poses look perfect is to relax.

Posing is a strange word, but once you warm up to the camera, the best thing to do is to remain natural and be yourself.

The magic of your personality will do the rest.

And if you end up booking your senior experience photoshoot with me, I am pretty confident you will also have a blast in the process.

My agenda is open for seniors.

Let’s capture the magic inside you.


Julieta Belmont