Wyoming Cowboy Wedding at Pinedale Rodeo Grounds.

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We had fun with this Wyoming Cowboy Wedding at Pinedale Rodeo Grounds. Lisanne & James were born and raised in Sublette County. They have been friends since childhood. 

Lisanne has always been around horses. When I met her five years ago, she prepared to start an adventure with her horses.

She has been part of the Pageant at Rendezvous since she was a little girl. She picked the perfect location for her wedding with a significant meaning: Pinedale Rodeo Grounds, where the Green River Rendezvous Pageant takes place. 

A cowboy wedding full of love

As a wedding photographer, I have captured the magic of the love of more than 300 weddings. None like Lisanne & James’.

Horses and dogs were special guests at the wedding. They were the ones who joined her in her journey across America with her project @mustangdiscoveryride

Love was present at all times. They even had an unexpected guest, a hummingbird moth, who was having fun with her bouquet. 

The wedding finished at the Golf Course in Pinedale with a very relaxed reception where laughter and good memories were present.

Thank you, Lisanne & James, for allowing me to capture the magic of your love. 

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